Teaching Staff

Chamaiporn received a Bachelor’s Degree in Western Dance from the Faculty of Art Education, Bunditpatanasilpa Institute, Ministry of Culture. She has also participated in many ballet performances, her proudest moment being the time she danced in front of Royal Elder Sister Princess Galyani Vadhana,the Princess of Narathiwat. She also performed as a soloist ballet dancer in “Sleeping Beauty 2010”. She is a delightful teacher who helps our students with valuable stretching and flexibility. She has accrued more than 10 years of teaching experience now. She has observed ballet classes in China and Hong Kong. Her students received many awards from the CSTD Thailand Dance Competition in May 2015 and most recently from the 1st Dance Competition of the Bunditpatanasilpa Institute, Ministry of Culture in January 2016 and at the 18th Asia Pacific Dance Competition in Macau.

Chamaiporn Tongniem

Kru Joy