Chiang Mai Ballet Academy is an international dance school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The school offers the high standard of teaching and has its objectives of “Bringing out the Best and Teaching Every Dancer to the Highest Standard”. The school provides the dance curriculum from the renown organizations as follows: Classical Ballet from The Royal Academy of Dance, the United Kingdom; classical ballet, contemporary dance and hip hop from the Australian Teachers Of Dancing , Australia; modern jazz dance from the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing , Australia; Latin/standard ballroom dance from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, the United Kingdom. The school has its philosophy towards all dance students of having “Outstanding Personality, High Standards of Dance, Outstanding Performances, High Morals and an International level of Accreditation”.

The formula taught in academic school is usually to activate the left side of brain such as 1 + 1 = 2, or 4-1 = 3 for a logical thinking while all kind of dance genres help to activate the right side of brain for an imaginative and creative thinking. For example, 1 + 1 = 1 (one pile of sand plus another pile of sand is still a big pile of sand ) and 4-1 = 5 (A square paper with one corner just a little fold down into a tiny triangle will become a pentagonal sided paper (The Split Brain Experiment by Roger Wolcott Sperry; Nobel Laureate in 1981).

"Outstanding Personality High Standards Outstanding Performances High Morals An International Level of Accreditations"